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Overwhelmed by negotiating schedules and driving your kids from activity to activity?


Providing kids with physical skills is so important to their mental and cognitive development as well as confidence.


Join us at M-POW-R!


M-Pow-R was born of the desire to empower individuals by developing their physical strength and mental fortitude.  We believe in starting kids young and offer beginner classes to coincide with your own.

Whether you are looking to start moving, stay moving or kick up your performance level, M-Pow-R specializes in training to meet those needs. From Tai Chi to Combat-based training, M-Pow-R is a no shoes, no ego facility that encourages positivity and personal growth. We welcome all skill levels and all ages. Wherever you are in your journey...START THERE!

Our Mission


Just as the name implies M-Pow-R is all about empowerment.  Our mission is to help you achieve the best version of yourself both in body and in mind.  The mental fortitude that comes with feeling strong, agile and physically fit has immeasurable benefits to your whole person and it is our goal to help you achieve yours!

Small Group Classes


Our objective is to make defensive movements part of the body’s wrote memory.  We do this in the form of combative training which includes Kickboxing, Striking, and elements of Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense.  Our classes are very individualized in that we offer studio - sized classes and great emphasis is given to form and execution while providing a technical workout that is also very cardio and endurance intensive.  A typical class is between 4 and 14 students.  This allows us to offer a level of instruction comparable to personalized training.

Get Empowered With Us

Head Instructor & Owner Melissa Rene

Melissa Rene is a certified trainer with the American Council on Exercise and she has a passion for helping others meet their mobility and physical goals.  In addition to being a trainer, she is accredited by the International Kickboxing Federation in Singapore and actively trains in the arts of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Personal Self Defense.

One on One

Private instruction is available through our certified personal trainers. Whether your goal is to regain full mobility or optimize your athletic performance, we work with you to achieve them.

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All levels and beginners welcome!

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